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Custom Growth Campaign
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Custom Growth Campaign
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What can you expect when working with us? Upon our first consultation with you, we’ll discuss your business, product offering, and goals.  We’ll put together a profile of what you’re looking to accomplish and begin formulating a strategy behind growing your Social Media reach.  We’ll make sure to leave you with our direct contact information, so you can reach each us at any time with questions or requests to adjust our services.

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Our team consists of experienced professionals that are passionate about client satisfaction and delivering results.  A group of highly-driven individuals with a history of exceeding our client's expectations.  We pride ourselves on our products and the sense of ownership we take with every client project!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we add followers to your social media?

We've built a platform utilizing advanced Boolean search algorithms to bring possible followers to your Social Media profile, and their interests are aligned with yours based on your marketing preferences. We don't just add followers, they choose to follow you based on being interested in your Social Media profile. Real, organic followers.

How will you target followers based on my marketing preferences?

We use Boolean logic syntax that's often used in Information Technology recruiting to search out candidates with the right technical profile. We've applied this logic in our custom algorithms we've built to grow client's Social Media followers by seeking out the right followers, just like a recruiter seeks out the right candidates.

What type of marketing preferences can you align with my targeted follower goals?

We can customize our search algorithms based on a mix of keywords; multiple layers of algorithms to fine tune the right followers. We specialize in Crypto and Blockchain clients, but also do the exact same thing for local businesses such as clothing boutiques, real estate agents, restaurants, etc. If you have a type of customer, we can build out your Social Media with the right type of followers.

What is the cost to add followers to my Social Media?

We don't have a flat fee for solutions we build for clients. Each client has different needs and our solutions are highly customized for each client, and costs vary depending on the client's needs. No two clients have the same exact algorithm to add followers, we build you out your own algorithm that fits your brand.

Do you offer lists from data mining?

Yes, we offer Data Mining as a product where we can use your targeted marketing preferences to put together a list of social media accounts for you to use.  This can also be focused on targeting the followers of your competitors, including the followers that are active.

What are search algorithms?

We use the logic behind Boolean syntax utilizing keywords and recent activity to sort user data to build a list of targeted followers we’d like to follow our client’s social media accounts.

What are the benefits of our search algorithms to add followers?

Our search algorithms are custom built per each client’s marketing preferences, targeted at adding followers to our client’s social media that have interest in their content and products.  The results are followers that have organically followed our client’s accounts due to interest.

How do you develop your algorithms?

As a recruiter uses Boolean syntax to pull in resumes based off keywords, we use Boolean syntax to pull in the right type of followers.  We can even run a social media growth campaign targeted at a competitor’s followers.

What’s the difference between your service and other cheaper services to add batches of followers?

There are many services that will add batches of ‘fake’ followers to inflate the number of followers on an account. There are also services that will just promise to add followers that are real but with no interest in certain subject matter or products.  Our services add followers that are targeted based on our client’s marketing preferences, and are really organically following our client’s based on their individual interest.

Is there a maximum capacity that you can add new followers?

Yes, there can be. Various social networks have limitations on their API's with limitations to cap various functions such as following profiles, sending direct messages, and liking content. While we have to stay within these parameters, we are able to built out additional solutions to increase follower volume based on the client's needs.

Can you add the same number of followers to different client's accounts?

Because we deliver real organic followers interested in your product, so there is not a set amount of followers we can add for each client as every client's products are different. One client could have a product offering that has a much higher demand than another client (ie. Cryptocurrency vs. selling brooms). We create solutions to drive follower growth, but we don't guarantee follower numbers within an estimated time frame.

Does it take longer to add followers for a newer Social Media account?

Yes, it does. The first 1,000-3,000 followers can be the most difficult to grow as you don't already have a base of followers. Sometimes the pace can be twice as slow, but we do have a few tricks to help speed it up. Individuals follow Social Media accounts that have a higher follower count than following count, which is part of the value you gain as one of our clients.

What is an estimated number of followers you can add to my Social Media per month?

We can make an estimation but cannot add a certain number of followers in a specific time frame. Based on previous history, we're roughly able to add followers to a client's Social Media account in the range of 1,500 - 6,000 followers per month.

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